Praise Band Leader

First United Methodist Church of Saginaw is looking to hire a Praise Band Leader to help us organize a new contemporary services this fall.


Duties are:

1) Play an instrument in the praise band (keyboard, guitar, drums, etc)
2) Assist Pastor in selecting praise music for weekly service
3) Ensure that the music is available in correct key for each instrument in the praise band
4) Ensure that transitions between keys/songs are manageable for praise band
5) Lead rehearsals
6) Lead music portion of worship services on Saturdays at 4:30 PM

Hours:  3 hours/week for prep and 3 hours/week for rehearsal and worship = total of 6 hours/week aside of worship time, schedule is flexible.

Pay: $25/hour or $150/week

Duties could begin as early as September 1, 2018 – flexible start date.

If interested, send resume/email to Pastor Amy Terhune at pastoralbt@outlook.com